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Welcome to the beautiful world of complexity. Rayko is a Tokyo-born, Los Angeles-based composer, bilingual vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. She has not stopped writing since the very first pop piano composition at the age of five. Her library now consists of hundreds of songs -- many of which you may hear in future films such as “The Wolves of The Saving Hill” (featuring Kurt Fuller, Jack McGee, and late Michael Massee) and on popular TV shows such as the two time Emmy winning Amazon Prime hit series “The Man in The High Castle”– representing styles from ABBA to Zappa. Rayko's musical genres include Pop, Metal, Death Metal, Opera, Japanese Enka, Classical, Jazz, and even cross-over Country. Rayko is noted for her diverse musical styles, with influences across the entire musical spectrum.


Franki K Music is a Los Angeles-based songwriter/lyricist creating eclectic music styles that connect with diverse audiences.


The Gender Genocide team is rounded out by Producer Arif Hodzic -- along with musicians Rain Balen and Joey Felix of Lolita Dark. This group is best known for its epic symphonic rock sound; the group has built a large following both in the US and throughout Asia, where they are signed to a recording contract with Sparks Japan (distribution through Universal Records)

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Lyric and Music by Rayko & Frank Kilpatrick and Airain Balen and Arif Hodzic

You came on so helpful  

You said you’re my friend

But then you played with me

Just to reach your own end

“Unless you go along”

Was exactly what you said…  

“You’ll never work in this town again”

You left many of us dead


Hey you – You Mighty Moguls:

Such Big Big Men in this Town

You degraded, hurt us – all of us

You bullied us and beat us down


Fakes! Frauds! Cheaters! Operators!

All you do is lie

Gender Genocide!



Of the Universe

You used us all

You had your fun

Made us your pussycats

You hit and run

When you make them rich

Everyone looks away

Hey you – You Mighty Moguls:

Such Big Big Men in this Town

You degraded, hurt us – all of us

You bullied us and beat us down


Fakes! Frauds! Cheaters! Operators!

All you do is lie

It’s Soul Suicide!

Gender Genocide!

The time has come!

It’s come undone

Like a web unspun 

The antidote 

To the predator’s venom

Sex… should never be a weapon 


Nobody would believe us

They mistreated us

With their million-dollar 

PR machines

And lawyer teams 

To wreck our dreams


But the whisper networks are blowing up

Cuz more of us keep showing up

And the ones that took advantage

Are phantoms in plain sight

For all to see

In their own worst light 


Those of us who wore the pain

Beneath our fame

And bore the plight

Not a thing to gain


Release our shame

And join the fight

Join the fight!


Fakes! Frauds! Cheaters! Operators!

Vipers! Parasites! Monsters!     

All you do is lie…

Soul Suicide!

Gender Genocide!


Fuck you! You Mighty Moguls

Such Big Big Men in this Town

You degraded, hurt us – all of us

You sucked us in and spit us out


Gender Genocide!

Soul Suicide!

Gender Genocide!

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Singer Rayko steps up to fight abuse with Gender Genocide – an Anthem for women today.


It is impossible to view the news without hearing of women (and others) being sexually exploited in the entertainment industry, in government, at school, at home, or at work. Singer/Songwriter Rayko of Lolita Dark has responded with Gender Genocide – a rousing call to support female empowerment.


While the abuse of women by men in authority positions is both terrifying and hurtful, today more and more of us are emboldened to tell our stories – with our demands for change more powerful than ever. (#MeToo, indeed!) And now that fight has an anthem –  thanks to Rayko, frontwoman of epic rock band Lolita Dark and, Franki K Music, her collaborator and co-writer. Today they announced the release of Gender Genocide, their new single, tackles these issues head-on; the song's cut-to-the-point lyrics and intensity are clearly based not simply on observation, but also on personal experience.


“I'm known as an emotional conduit and this topic comes straight from the heart,” commented Rayko. "I hope Gender Genocide will help to boost spirits and empower women to know they don't have to accept mistreatment. And that they can stand up and fight and win. The world is changing; no one who has been abused needs to remain silent any longer.” 

Gender Genocide is intended as a popular anthem to be used by organizations and individuals committed to empowering women. The song is available for Radio Play, Artist Performance, Film, Television and Commercial Licensing. (DJ Note: "Clean" version – also available.) Published by A-1 Tunz (ASCAP).

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